Wherebouts of love is the 36th chapter of the Citrus manga was released on February 17th, 2018.


Mei left a last note to Yuzu conveying all her feelings for her but at the same time revealing the truth about her arranged marriage in the note she's finally able to tell how she really felt about being with Yuzu and how much really in love she was with her to the point of no return as stated in the note and how thankful she was towards Yuzu for helping her (Mei) to realize what she really wanted and for teaching her to follow her own path but at the same time the sadness overflows because due the arrange marriage and in order to protect Yuzu's feelings she leaves her home and distance herself from Yuzu stating that she'll do anything to not be associated with in any way while Yuzu cries on the moonlighted night seeing the book Mei left the one she specially wrote to be happy with her.