Couldn't Hide It, Harumin and Glasses-Senpai (はるみんとメガネ先輩 Harumin to Megane-Senpai?) and Mei and Mr. Bear (芽衣とクマさん Mei to Kuma-san?) are the Omake chapters of Volume 1 of the Citrus manga, which was released on July 18th, 2013.

Couldn't Hide ItEdit

Couldn't Hide It

In Class 1-A, professor Mineko announces she's confiscating forbidden items. Worried that she doesn't have where to hide her cellphone, and seeing Harumi hide her own cellphone in her cleavage, Yuzu tries to do the same, only for it to fall to the floor immediately and be confiscated. In a scene reminiscent of Tetsuko's Room, Mineko scolds her, saying that if she would be so sad having her phone taken, she shouldn't have brought it to school.

Harumin and Glasses SenpaiEdit

Harumin and Glasses-Senpai

Harumi meets Maruta in the hallways and greets her. Maruta asks if she isn't with Yuzu, as they seem to be good friends, which leaves Harumi flattered. Maruta then tells Harumi to remind Yuzu to un-dye her hair and, before she leaves, points out to Harumi that she looks much happier lately, which Harumi attributes to the student council, saying they make life in the school more fun, which makes Maruta visible happy.

After Harumi leaves, Himeko stops by Maruta, getting tired after chasing Yuzu. Maruta laughs, which confuses Himeko, and asks if she's enjoying her life. Outraged by this, Himeko was what could make her say that, and claims she'll catch Yuzu on the next day, asking for Maruta's help, to which Maruta complies.

Mei and Mr. BearEdit

Mei and Mr. Bear

When Yuzu is running away from Himeko, a small teddy bear keychain falls from Yuzu's briefcase. Seeing this, Mei tells Yuzu to wait, but Yuzu, still running when she looks back to see Mei, hits something and is sent to the infirmary, where she had to put a big curative in her wound, which embarrasses her. Mei says it's better than going around with a big wound, and Yuzu asks why she told her to stop, and Mei says she's fixing the little bear Yuzu let fall. Yuzu, noticing Mei is bad at sewing, takes the bear away from Mei to fix it herself, saying Mei is more clumsy than she thought. Mei say she's going back to the student council, but before she leaves, Yuzu thanks her through the bear. She then gives the bear to Mei, saying she's its new mommy, and leaves. Mei asks her to wait, but Yuzu tells her to take care of Anthoniko.


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