Hide it All You Want, Your Sister Will Find It/Teasing Onee-chan/It's Coming for Onee-chan/Matsuri and Harumin is the Omake of Volume 3 of the Citrus manga. It was released on November 18th, 2014.

Hide it All You Want, Your Sister Will Find It

Yuzu tries to read a new manga in secret when no one is home but Mei comes home and see her reading it which surprises Yuzu

Teasing Onee-chan

Yuzu worried what Mei is thinking of her after catching her read the manga when Mei creeps up to Yuzu and whispers "I love you Onee-chan" causing Yuzu to faint.

It's Coming for Onee-chan

Yuzu has a fantasy of Mei about after reading the manga which annoyes Mei

Matsuri and Harumin

Matsuri and Harumin hang out with one another after they meet by accident and Matsuri tries to get inside Harumins head but fails leaving them to have a slight fight in a fast food place and having some respect for one another.