My Older Sister Should Have Been More Careful (お姉ちゃんはツメが甘い Onee-chan wa Tsume ga Amai?), My Younger Sister is Currently Jealous (妹はヤキモチやき Imōto wa Yakimochi Yaki?) and Mitsuko and Glasses-Senpai (みつ子とメガネ後輩 Mitsuko to Megane-Senpai?) are the Omake chapters of Volume 5 of the Citrus manga, which was released on May 18th, 2016.


My Older Sister Should Have Been More Careful

Citrus+ 5 Yuzu
After buying the Momoiro Shimai game in Akihabara, Yuzu decides to play it in secret while everyone else is asleep, only to be surprised by Mei who is half-awake.

My Younger Sister is Currently Jealous

My Younger Sister is Currently Jealous
Continuing from the previous story, Mei scolds Yuzu for still buying that kind of thing, asking what will she do if their mother finds out about it, all the while Yuzu is worried that Mei is angry at her. Mei then appears to be interested in the game, asking Yuzu to "let [her]..." but doesn't complete the phrase before falling asleep in Yuzu's lap, leaving Yuzu confused.

Mitsuko and Glasses-Senpai

Mitsuko and Glasses-Senpai
Sometime before the start of the series, Mitsuko and Maruta are impressed by the headmaster's granddaughter Mei, with Maruta commenting that Mei is very mature for a third year middle schooler, and Mitsuko saying that the next first years will certainly have a mature president too, given her willpower. Maruta then says that she could learn a thing or two from her since Mitsuko is always teasing and testing younger students. Than Mitsuko say the strength of one's heart is unrelated to age Maruta say's it's because of that her younger sister keeps her distance from her this Leave's


In the afterword, continuing the first two stories, Yuzu asks if Mei wants to play with her, but Mei declines.