A Sign, Mei Aihara and Spicy Food is the Omake of Volume 6 of the Citrus manga. It was released on December 17th, 2016.

A SignEdit

After Nina finishes reading Momoiro Shimai, she becomes influenced into thinking that she could be lovers with her twin sister, Sara. When Nina makes this declaration, it initially scares her sister off.

Mei Aihara and Spicy FoodEdit

Mei buys spicy curry in an attempt to enjoy Yuzu's taste in food. This leaves Himeko confused and worried, knowing of Mei's dislike towards spicy foods. After reluctantly eating the spicy curry, Himeko pleads for her to stop, but realizes why Mei is eating it when Yuzu makes a comment on how good it is. This provokes Himeko to try the spicy curry as a way to get closer to Mei.


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