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Welcome to the Citrus Wiki! This wiki is about the manga Citrus, created by Saburo Uta. Anybody can edit and create articles here! So, please help us in any of our articles!

What is Citrus?
Volume 1

Citrus (シトラス Shitorasu?) is a Japanese yuri manga series written and illustrated by Saburo uta. It has been serialized in Ichijinsha's Comic Yuri Hime since November 17, 2012. It has been licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment for a printed release in North America on December 16, 2014. Yuzu, a fashionable teenager, transfers to a quaint and conservative girl's school after her mother remarries. She encounters Mei, the beautiful student council president and grows to dislike her stern attitude. At the end of the day, Yuzu comes home only to meet Mei again-- she's her new step sister. The girls struggle with their relationships and battle their feelings of love and hate.

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【新着PV】一迅社/コミック百合姫 サブロウタ「citrus」5巻03:47

【新着PV】一迅社/コミック百合姫 サブロウタ「citrus」5巻

  • (March 17) A teaser site and a twitter account were made for the Citrus anime.
  • The latest chapter, Chapter 28 came out on April 18, 2017, in the June 2017 issue of Comic Yuri Hime.
  • Volume 7 is coming out in Japan on June 16.
  • An anime television series adaptation by Passione will premiere in January 2018.
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