winter of love is the 10th episode of the Citrus anime. It was released on March 10th, 2018


Mei offers to sleep with Yuzu as gratitude for everything she had done for her, but Yuzu finds herself unable to bring herself to do it, upsetting Mei. Upon missing her train to her school's trip to Kyoto, Yuzu comes across a Kyoto schoolgirl named Sara Tachibana who had also missed her train back home, and the two ride another train headed to Kyoto. As the two catch up to their respective schools, Sara explains how she fell in love with a girl who helped her when she got lost, offering Yuzu some advice as she laments her worries about Mei. As Yuzu unsuccessfully tries to talk things over with Mei, Sara's twin sister, Nina, discovers that Yuzu is in love with Mei, the same person Sara fell in love with.