under lover is the 5th Episode of the Citrus Anime. It was released on February 3rd, 2018


After receiving some amusement park tickets from Harumi, Yuzu asks Mei to accompany her as she goes to meet her father. Along the way, Mei tells Yuzu that nothing happened between her and Himeko, who gets told off by her when she tries to interrupt their date. Yuzu eventually arrives at her father's grave, where Yuzu, noticing Mei's feelings about her own father, feels she should give up on her love and try to become an ideal sister instead.

The next day, Mei collapses with a fever just before a student council meeting, so Yuzu urges Himeko to attend the meetings in Mei's while she looks after her. Afterwards, Yuzu encourage Himeko to be more honest with her feelings and make up with Mei. Later that night, Yuzu and Mei are visited by Mei's father, Shou