Name's Harumi Taniguchi, you can call me "Harumin".

Harumi introducing herself to Yuzu, in love affair!?.[1]

Harumi Taniguchi (谷口 はるみ Taniguchi Harumi?) is a character in the manga Citrus. She is one of Yuzu Aihara's best friend.


Harumi is a young girl with long plum hair and hazel eyes. Her hair is styled in perfectly straight bangs that cover her forehead, with somewhat longer bangs on the sides of her head and ears. She usually wears her hair tied in a ponytail on the bottom of her head, but sometimes wears her hair loose or even in twintails, which are low-tied and usually fall over her shoulders. She also has a rather big chest, where she hides stuff banned by the school regulations, like makeup and her cellphone.[2]


Harumi is a humorous, kind and easy-going girl, and a good friend to Yuzu. She has a similar mentality to Yuzu and enjoys doing things which are prohibited by her school's regulations. She better describes herself as a "gyaru in disguise".[3]

She usually avoids trouble. According to Matsuri, that is because she's afraid of being hurt.[4]



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Yuzu AiharaEdit

Harumi and Yuzu quickly became good friends, due to their similar interests and mentalities.[5] Harumi is nice to Yuzu and is frequently trying to cheer her up when she's down.[6] Harumi tries to protect Yuzu and keep her away from problems, being especially alert of Matsuri,[7] and her sister Mitsuko.[8] In the manga, she appears to be unaware of Yuzu and Mei's relationship, but in the Drama CD she is shown to be fully aware, purposely stopping Himeko to get in their way.[9]

Mei AiharaEdit

Unlike most girls in her school, Harumi isn't interested in fawning over Mei. However, they seem to have a rather friendly relationship and don't dislike each other. Harumi knows that Mei and Yuzu are stepsisters, but doesn't seem to realize Yuzu's crush on Mei, or about Mei's true self.[7] or fact that two them are currently dating.

Matsuri MizusawaEdit

When Harumi first meets Matsuri, she is untrustful of her, and becomes wary of letting Yuzu alone with her. Matsuri, on the other hand, seems to like Harumi, and enjoys teasing her.[10] Matsuri notices Harumi usually watches things from a distance, and says that it's because she's afraid of getting hurt, and even her "gyaru" persona is part of that feeling.[4] As time pass Harumi starts to trust Matsuri to a degree they on friendly terms sicne they are useally seen hanging out together though they do argue from time to time in a comedic fashion.

Himeko MomokinoEdit

Himeko is annoyed by Harumi and her attitude, but Harumi seems to like Himeko, and frequently teases her. During the field trip to Kyoto, Harumi and Himeko hang out together, such as when the class goes to a match-making shrine,[11] and Harumi even drags Himeko to a tour around town, against Himeko's efforts.[12]

Nene NomuraEdit

They seem to be on friendly terms with each other, but is somewhat annoyed by her fantasy of Haruyuzu.

Suzuran ShirahoEdit


Mitsuko TaniguchiEdit

Not much is known about their relationship, but Harumi is afraid of Mitsuko.[13] Harumi becomes worried when her sister asks about Yuzu.[14]


Apparently, Harumi and her sister live with her grandmother.[15]


Name's Harumi Taniguchi, you can call me "Harumin".

Harumi introducing herself to Yuzu, in love affair!?.[1]

I'm not telling you to stay away from Matsuri, but... Don't let her cause problems to you.

Harumi warning Yuzu about Matsuri, in love of war.[16]

Oh, if you're being ambiguous like you usually are, no, I have no romantic interest in her.

Harumi to Matsuri about Yuzu, in Matsuri and Harumin.[4]

you know if weren't for yuzu we might have never talk to each other for 3 years.

Harumi to Mei about where they stand now as friends thanks to Yuzu , in Aihara and Taniguchi.[17]


  • "Harumi" can have different meanings depending on the writing, such as 晴海 ("cloudy sea"?) or 春美 ("spring beauty"?). Harumi's name, however, has no actual meaning as it's written in Hiragana. "Taniguchi" (谷口?) means "mouth of a valley".
  • "Mineko's Room" is a reference to "Tetsuko's Room", a popular Talk Show hosted by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, and to the teacher Mineko.



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