Himeko Momokino (桃木野 姫子 Momokino Himeko?) is a character in the manga Citrus. She is the Student Council vice-president and Mei Aihara's long-time friend.


Himeko Full

Himeko's full appearance, in her school uniform.

Himeko is a teenage girl of short stature, with her most noticeable feature being her thick and bushy eyebrows. Her violet hair is tied up in two short twin ringlets. Her eyes are magenta. In school she wears a neat uniform, yet outside of the academy she dresses in extravagant dresses and over-the-top outfits. She is rarely seen wearing anything casual.


She has a rather stuck-up and stubborn personality, and despises people who don't follow the school regulations, the most common objects of her disapproval are Yuzu Aihara and Harumi Taniguchi. Despite taste for sticking to the rules, she seems to enjoy lolita fashion, as she is usually seen wearing that kind of fashion when not in school. She gets extremely jealous and over protective of Mei, and absolutely abhors Yuzu's close relationship with Mei. It is popularly believed that Momokino harbors intense romantic feelings for Mei, and often emphasizes her relationship Mei by continuously referring to the fact that they were both childhood friends. Despite her seemingly possessive-like personality, she does have Mei's best interests at heart as she begrudgingly accepts Yuzu's attraction towards Mei.

However, that does not stop her from frequently complaining about Yuzu's terrible behaviour.


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Mei AiharaEdit

Himeko and Mei are childhood friends. She is very possessive of her and becomes jealous when Yuzu appears in her life.[citation needed] They have been friends since elementry school and were very close until one day when Mei grew depressed after her father left, they still remaind friends.

Yuzu AiharaEdit

Yuzu is Mei's stepsister, who Himeko dislikes due to her unruly nature and her closeness to Mei. They become rivals for Mei's affections. Over time, though, Himeko becomes less antagonistic towards Yuzu, although she is still annoyed by Yuzu's disregard of the school's rules.[citation needed] She does worry and cares about Yuzu's well being in such as when Mitsuko decides to force Yuzu into an election race against Mei for the Student Council presidency.

Harumi TaniguchiEdit

Like with Yuzu, Himeko dislikes Harumi for her attitude. Harumi, however, seems to like Himeko, and enjoys teasing her.[citation needed]

Glasses-Senpai: They are both Vice presidents to Mei's reign. They seem on good terms with one another.

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Good grief! First president then Yuzu! Running from here to there troubling everybody! But... being able to get so absorbed that they don't see the people around them,.. it makes me a little envious.

Himeko to Harumi about Mai and Yuzu , in love you only.[2]



  • "Himeko" (姫子?) means "princess child".
  • "Momokino" (桃木野?) means "plum tree field".
  • In Japanese media (such as anime and manga), characters of high social standing, such as Himeko herself, are commonly depicted with ringlets.


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