Kana (仮名(かな)?) and Manami (マナミ?) are characters in the manga series Citrus. They are both Middle School friends of Yuzu Aihara.


Kana has long and wavy black hair, while Manami has medium-length brown styled in a bob, both also have fair skin complexion and grey eyes. Kana is visibly taller.


Not much is known about their personalities, but they appear to have similar interests to Yuzu. They are also homophobic.[citation needed]


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Mei ArcEdit

Some time before Yuzu moves out, she is seen in a cafe with Kana and Manami. The Manami announces she'll break up with her boyfriend as she finds him annoying. This surprises Kana as Manami was supposedly having sex with this boyfriend, but Manami says she'll just find another one as summer is the season of love.

Yuzu then interrupts by saying she wishes she had a boyfriend. Manami then mentions that Yuzu broke up with her boyfriend, and says that she'd invite Yuzu to a Goukon (blind group date), but Yuzu is going to move out during Fall, while Kana tells Yuzu not to start a long-distance relationship. Yuzu tells them not to worry, because she'll get a new boyfriend right after moving.

Yuzu ArcEdit

Yuzu has been working part-time back in a cafe in her old town (to avoid being found out as her school prohibits students from working) in order to buy matching rings for Mei and herself.

One day, after Yuzu finally saved up the money she needs, she runs on Kana and Manami, who recognize her immediately. They're impressed that they haven't seen Yuzu in a year and then Manami tells Yuzu to notify them beforehand the next time she comes around, while Kana says she thought Yuzu was ignoring her because her cellphone was always off. Yuzu apologizes saying that cellphones are prohibited in her school, which causes Manami to ask Yuzu what her school is like and if there's any pretty boy.

They're surprised to learn that she's in a girls-only school and even offer to present Yuzu to someone, assuming it's hard for Yuzu to get a partner, but Yuzu says she's already dating someone. With that, Kana and Manami become excited, wanting to learn more about "him" and about what she's been doing without them, also saying that Yuzu looks prettier than before. Yuzu happily states that they've kissed a lot, making them more excited as it appears to be a serious relationship, and then they ask to see a picture. Yuzu is excited, as Kana and Manami will probably surprised that "he" is a girl.

Before Yuzu has a chance to show them a picture of Mei, however, Manami notices a lesbian couple, and calls Kana and Yuzu's attention to it. Kana and Manami mock the fact the couple is making out in public, with Manami saying she'd never do anything like that, and ask Yuzu's opinion. Yuzu, trying to hide her anger, tell her friends that those girls could really be in love, so they shouldn't talk like that. Kana and Manami just laugh it off saying Yuzu is "just being serious as always". Manami then asks if Yuzu is actually dating a girl, but Kana says there's no way Yuzu would, and they laugh again. Yuzu then forces a laugh, unable to say anything else.


Yuzu AiharaEdit

Kana and Manami have been friends with Yuzu since Middle school.





  • "Kana" (仮名(かな)?) literally means "pseudonym".
  • "Manami" (?) can have multiple meanings depending on the kanji (愛美, "love, beauty"; 愛海, "love, sea"; 愛未, "love, sheep"), but Manami's name has no meaning due to being written in Katakana.