LOVE LOVE LOVE! is the Leaflet of Volume 7 of the Citrus manga. It was released on June 16th, 2017. It consists of the stories I don't understand your taste, Aihara and Taniguchi, and Matsuri and Nene.

I don't understand your taste

Mei returns home to see Yuzu watchin T.V. and gets annoyed by all the strange stuff animals in their room and decides to remove them, Yuzu protests but to no avail only admit Mei is the cutest and doesn't want her gone.

Aihara and Taniguchi

Mei and Harumin get stuck in the rain and stand under shelter, Harumin tries to talk to Mei but all conversations go nowhere, Mei asks Harumin what do Yuzu and her talk about when they hang out. This shocks Harumin for amoment but says they talk about silly things to which causes Harumin to ask what she and Yuzu talk about at home, to which Mei states they don't talk about anything in particular. Harumin admits if it was not for Yuzu they never would have talked, Yuzu then arives while the rain starts to stop leaving Mei and Harumin speachless for a moment

Matsuri and Nene

Matsuri walks in the rain and sees Nene sitting in the rain and decides to hang out with her and take her to lunch only to get annoyed by her obsetion with YuzuHaru, Especially when she orders a dish she call the YuzHaru Maki.