Love my Sister××× is the 3rd chapter of the Citrus manga. It was released on March 18th, 2013.


Mei’s return to live with her grandfather causes Yuzu to confront her and plead for her to come back. Mei says later that her leave was something that she’d decided herself. Mei allows Yuzu to enter Mei's grandfather’s house, and Yuzu questions Mei’s wish to live with her grandfather. When

Mei is provoked, she pushes Yuzu down and begins to strip her. Yuzu fights back, but Mei’s grandfather then comes into the room and, assuming it was Yuzu who assaulted Mei, threatens to expel Yuzu for indecent behavior, and kicks her out. Harumi, noticing Yuzu’s sadness, convinces Yuzu to confront her problems instead of sulking.

Yuzu goes to talk with Mei’s grandfather, but finds him collapsed on the ground. She then calls an ambulance to take him to the hospital, where she waits for Mei. At the hospital, Mei promises to return home.