Honestly, this world is full of idiots.

–Matsuri Mizusawa to Yuzu and Harumi, in Love or lie!

Matsuri Mizusawa (水沢 まつり Mizusawa Matsuri?) is a character in the manga series Citrus. When she was younger, she used to be babysat by Yuzu Aihara. She initially serves as an antagonist at first, but later becomes a supporting character in the series.


Matsuri Full

Matsuri's full casual appearance.

Matsuri is a young girl of short stature. She has shoulder-length light pink hair and blue eyes.

Her dress sense is very casual, and she usually dresses up as a delinquent of sorts, mirroring to her sly personality. She commonly wears a pair of headphones around her neck or atop her head, and is never far from her phone.


Matsuri is very precocious and smart for her age, and doesn't mind her own words. She can be a mischievous at times and she enjoys teasing others mainly Yuzu and Harumi. Like Mei, she tends to be very manipulative. She is also out of shame, as shown by the fact she didn't seem to care when little boys were apparently looking under her skirt,[3] and then blackmailed them into taking a incriminating picture of Mei so she could blackmail her.[4] Later it is explained how lonely Matsuri was feeling, and how the idea of losing her "older sister" Yuzu to Mei simply scared her, which led her to acting so wrong.[5]


  • "Matsuri" (祭り?) means "festival".
  • "Mizusawa" (水沢?) literally means "water swamp".


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