Honestly, this world is full of idiots.

–Matsuri Mizusawa to Yuzu and Harumi, in Love or lie!

Matsuri Mizusawa (水沢 まつり Mizusawa Matsuri?) is a character in the manga series Citrus. When she was younger, she used to be babysat by Yuzu Aihara.


Matsuri Full

Matsuri is a young girl of short stature. She has shoulder-length light pink hair and blue eyes.

Her dress sense is very casual, and she usually dresses up as a delinquent of sorts, mirroring to her sly personality. She commonly wears a pair of headphones around her neck or atop her head, and is never far from her phone.


Matsuri is very precocious and smart for her age, and doesn't mind her own words. She can be a mischievous at times and she enjoys teasing others mainly Yuzu and Harumi. Like Mei, she tends to be very manipulative. She is also out of shame, as shown by the fact she didn't seem to care when little boys were apparently looking under her skirt,[3] and then blackmailed them into taking a incriminating picture of Mei so she could blackmail her.[4] Later it is explained how lonely Matsuri was feeling, and how the idea of losing her "older sister" Yuzu to Mei simply scared her, which led her to acting so wrong.[5]


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Yuzu AiharaEdit

Matsuri first met Yuzu when they were little. Yuzu was a lonely child, and noticed so was Matsuri, and thought they should be friends.[6] Since then, they became like sisters. Matsuri was very clingy with Yuzu, wanting to take baths with her and invading her house to sleep with her, and when Yuzu would go out with other friends Matsuri would demand Yuzu to take her with her.[7] Matsuri likes Yuzu a lot, and became very jealous when she realized how Yuzu felt for Mei, trying to win her back but it fails it is revealed that idea of losing her "older sister" Yuzu to Mei simply scared her which led her to acting so wrong. After that, Matsuri acknowledges that what she was doing was wrong and realizing how Yuzu and even Mei cared for her feelings decides to be her friend and supports Yuzu's relationship with Mei. Matsuri enjoys teasing Yuzu, which makes Yuzu embarrassed.

Mei AiharaEdit

Matsuri was quite jealous of Mei, at First because Yuzu pays her so much attention. When she first sees Mei in person, she kisses Yuzu to send a clear message to Mei that Yuzu belongs to her. She tries to make Mei look bad in Yuzu's eyes by blackmailing Mei, but eventually fails. After that, Matsuri acknowledges that she has lost to Mei, and Mei notes that the two of them aren't so different.[8] Matsuri realizes Mei never wanted to take Yuzu from her, and starts seeing Mei as an older sister too.[9] and since then they been on good terms as such as Mei tutoring Matsuri with studies,[citation needed] and Matsuri helping Mei win a prize at the festival.[10]

Harumi TaniguchiEdit

Harumi is distrustful of Matsuri, and warns Yuzu not to stay alone with her. Matsuri likes teasing Harumi, like she does with Yuzu and Mei.[11] Matsuri notes that Harumi is very suspect, as she's always watching from far, which means she's afraid of getting hurt, and avoids conflicts. Matsuri says, however that she doesn't hate smart girls like Harumi.[12]As time go's by Harumi starts to trust Matsuri to a degree they on friendly terms since they are usually seen hanging out Matsuri likes to tease Harumi, much to the latter's discomfort.It's possible she has a crush on Harumi.

Nene NomuraEdit

she seems annoyed with her and her antics with her HaruYuzu fantasy.[13]

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Mayu is a friend of Matsuri, who talked to her after her boyfriend dumped her. Matsuri comforts her, but her actions afterwards imply that she was the one to cause that.[13]


  • (To herself, about Yuzu) "Yuzu-chan... I remember you. Have you been well? Since I'm bored, I think I'll visit you." [14]
  • (To Yuzu) "If you really love someone, you must show some consideration for their feelings." [15]
  • (To Harumi) "Taniguchi-senpai, you're very suspect, aren't you? You seem to be always just watching from a distance, but... That means you're afraid of being hurt. You always run from conflicts. Well, I can't say I hate girls smart like that." [12]
  • (to Yuzu) "I said this to before but you have think about the feelings of the person receiving this. the great affection you have has the possibility of becoming a heavy burden depending on the circumstances. if you are only pretending to be irresponsibly in love, than i won't say anything but if you're going to partake in this boring adult world. you need to look at reality more.


  • "Matsuri" (祭り?) means "festival".
  • "Mizusawa" (水沢?) literally means "water swamp".


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