• (To herself, about Yuzu) "Yuzu-chan... I remember you. Have you been well? Since I'm bored, I think I'll visit you." [1]
  • (To Yuzu) "If you really love someone, you must show some consideration for their feelings." [2]
  • (To Harumi) "Taniguchi-senpai, you're very suspect, aren't you? You seem to be always just watching from a distance, but... That means you're afraid of being hurt. You always run from conflicts. Well, I can't say I hate girls smart like that." [3]
  • (to Yuzu) "I said this to before but you have think about the feelings of the person receiving this. the great affection you have has the possibility of becoming a heavy burden depending on the circumstances. if you are only pretending to be irresponsibly in love, than i won't say anything but if you're going to partake in this boring adult world. you need to look at reality more.


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