Mei's Grandfather (芽衣の祖父 Mei no Sofu?) is the father of Shō Aihara and the chairman of Aihara Academy.


An aged man with a high class aura about him. Dresses in cleanly ironed out formal suits, and wears thin spectacles. He has a neatly trimmed beard and mustache, and stress lines are evident on his forehead. His hair short and is cleanly parted slightly towards the right.


He is a ruthless and unforgiving man. He does not tolerate any form of insubordination and will not hesitate to strike a punishment wherever he sees fit. He has a cold and calculating appearance, and never smiles. As the chairman of Aihara Academy, he deems it necessary to discipline the school as much as possible to uphold their high status image. He is seen to have a similar outlook as Mitsuko, the former school president who ran the school on a policy of fear.

Despite his unnerving appearance however, he does believe in second chances. He forgave Yuzu for her unruly behavior at the school gate when she called him "grandfather", as well as her outburst in their assembly. However he expelled her when he saw her half stripped on Mei's bed with her. However he did later allow her to re attend the school due to her phoning an ambulance for him.

Although he has a strictly business attitude, he is shown not to be above forgiving others.[citation needed]