In that case, maybe I should try being a little more direct. Well? Can you hear what my heart is saying? Yuzu, inside of me, when it concerns my feelings for you, I have a part that's "good", but also a part that's "bad". Knowing that, do you still want to take a peek inside of me?

Mei Aihara to Yuzu Aihara, in Love is.[1]

Mei Aihara (藍原(あいはら) 芽衣(めい) Aihara Mei?) is one of the main characters in the manga Citrus. She is the Student Council president and the younger stepsister of Yuzu Aihara.


Mei is a very beautiful young girl with straight and silky black hair that goes beyond her shoulders. She also has purple eyes and light skin. Whilst in school she dresses formally in the uniform with the addition of a wrist band on her right arm. When attending events outside of school, she wears plain ordinary clothes which attract little attention to her. She starts wearing a ring that Yuzu gave to her but only wears it outside of school.


On her exterior, Mei appears to have a cold and ruthless attitude towards her peers. She's obtained a stern and short-tempered personality from her father abandoning her. She is unable to communicate with Yuzu normally and struggles to convey her feelings properly, this results in her often making frequent sexual advances towards Yuzu. Despite how she acts, on the inside she is sensitive, lonely and hides a heart that can be easily hurt.

Her usually hard personality contrasts with her emotional side, which manifests often. Mei struggles to understand Yuzu's optimistic nature, as it harshly mirrors her pessimistic one. As the series progresses she slowly changes being less cold to Yuzu and a little bit more caring towards her. Although she still has a hard time being honest and understand on what she's feeling. She sometimes does childish things,[2] [3] and likes teddy bears. She's more confident than Yuzu knowing the fact that not everyone will approve of their relationship. Mei and Yuzu’s relationship slowly progresses as the chapters continue.

Anime & Manga DifferencesEdit

Episode 1

  • Mei frisking Yuzu for her phone seemed to be longer in anime than it was in manga
  • Mei is shown to be in the same class as Yuzu, but in the manga it doesn't show that they are in the same class until out of love
  • Her kiss with Amemiya didn't look as forced in the anime as it was in the manga.
  • Mei comes home just after Yuzu, while in the anime she comes home after Yuzu and Ume get back from grocery shopping.
  • In the manga, Mei's discussing about life before she moved in with Yuzu and Ume takes place at the mall, but in the anime it take's place at home.
  • The stuffed bear keychain she has originally belonged to Yuzu, but Yuzu later gave it to her in the manga, while in the anime she already has it in her possession, having been given to her by her Father.
  • In the anime, her first kiss with Yuzu is more drawn out and a bit forceful, possibly to show to Yuzu that her kiss with Amemiya was forced.

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12



  • Mei is not very good at sewing.[4]
  • Mei likes bears.
  • Mei's ears are sensitive.
    • Mei is also not ticklish, as Yuzu found in Citrus +5.
  • As shown in Citrus+ 2, Mei has a scar on her right thigh from elementary school.
  • The small stuffed bear keychain given to her by Yuzu is called Anthoniko, while the big one given to her by Shō is called Kumagorō. She also has another yellow bear from a claw game that Yuzu won for her.


  • "Mei" (芽衣(めい)?) is a feminine Japanese name, with multiple meanings depending on the kanjis used. The specific kanjis of her name mean "sprout, garment" or "bright, reliant".
  • "Aihara" (藍原(あいはら)?) means "indigo field".


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