Sara Tachibana (橘 サラ Tachibana Sara?) is a character in the manga series Citrus. Despite her childish appearance, she's the older twin sister of Nina Tachibana.


Although her real age is unknown, she is very childish in appearance. Like Nina, she has very long silver hair, reaching past her waist, and also purple eyes. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform, a serafuku composed of a dark grey blouse with a black collar and a black skirt, and a dark red ribbon. She is also very short.


Sara is very cheerful and childish, getting easily excited and also getting easily flustered. She is also very superstitious, attributing what happens to her to her luck, such as meeting Yuzu in the train station.[1] She is also positive and careless,[2] frequently getting in trouble due to that trait of hers.[3]


Tachibana ArcEdit

Harumi ArcEdit



Nina TachibanaEdit

Unlike Sara, Nina is skeptical, and is annoyed by Sara's "fate speech". Sara is likewise annoyed by Nina's skepticism, and considers Nina a stubborn girl.[4] Sara becomes annoyed when Nina interferes in her romantic life.[5]


Yuzu AiharaEdit

Sara first met Yuzu when they both miss the train they had to get on during a school trip. Fortunately, they were both going to the same place.They quickly became friends. She supported Yuzu to confess her love to Mei. This was, of course, before finding out they were in love with the same person. But after finding out, she gave up on Mei so that Mei could be together with Yuzu. She full heartedly supports Yuzu and Mei's relationship.[6]

Mei AiharaEdit

Sara bumped into Mei and falls in love with her at first sight[7]. And as such dated her briefly.[8], but gave up on her so that Yuzu and Mei could be together. Later on Mei apologized to Sara, saying she was just using her, but Sara said she'd forgive her if she and Yuzu held hands on the way back home, which they did.[9] She supports Yuzu and Mei's relationship.[6]



  • (To Nina) "If a chance presents itself, you gotta go for it!" [10]
  • (To Yuzu) "And to think we're going to the same place... Are there limits for my luck?" [11]
  • (To Yuzu) "I am definitely by your side!" [12]
  • (To Mei) "I like you! We met at the Tokyo Station. I fell in love with you in the same instant." [13]
  • (To Yuzu) "We're in love with the same person, huh." [14]
  • (To Yuzu) "After going out with Mei, I realized... That she's a person who works hard, she's realist and a kind person. Actually, she is a girl who hides her fragile heart. But it's the same for Yuzu. You have to try to understand each another better." [15]
  • (To Nina) Becoming captivated by Mei and meeting Yuzu. I think, it was by destiny to unite them and isn't that wonderful?" [16]


  • "Sara" is a variation of "Sarah", an Hebrew name meaning "lady, princess, noblewoman".
  • "Tachibana" (?) is a type of wild, inedible citrus fruit.


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