Becoming captivated by Mei and meeting Yuzu. I think, it was by destiny to unite them and isn't that wonderful?

Sara Tachibana to Nina, in My Love Goes On And On.[1]

Sara Tachibana (タチバナ・サラ Tachibana Sara?) is a character in the manga series Citrus. Despite her childish appearance, she's the older twin sister of Nina Tachibana.


Although her real age is unknown, she is very childish in appearance. Like Nina, she has very long silver hair, reaching past her waist, and also purple eyes. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform, a serafuku composed of a dark grey blouse with a black collar and a black skirt, and a dark red ribbon. She is also very short.


Sara is very cheerful and childish, getting easily excited and also getting easily flustered. She is also very superstitious, attributing what happens to her to her luck, such as meeting Yuzu in the train station.[3] She is also positive and careless,[4] frequently getting in trouble due to that trait of hers.[5] She is also very kind and caring, always thinking of others.

Anime & Manga Differences


  • "Sara" is a variation of "Sarah", an Hebrew name meaning "lady, princess, noblewoman".
  • "Tachibana" (?) is a type of wild, inedible citrus fruit.


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