• (To Nina) "If a chance presents itself, you gotta go for it!" [1]
  • (To Yuzu) "And to think we're going to the same place... Are there limits for my luck?" [2]
  • (To Yuzu) "I am definitely by your side!" [3]
  • (To Mei) "I like you! We met at the Tokyo Station. I fell in love with you in the same instant." [4]
  • (To Yuzu) "We're in love with the same person, huh." [5]
  • (To Yuzu) "After going out with Mei, I realized... That she's a person who works hard, she's realist and a kind person. Actually, she is a girl who hides her fragile heart. But it's the same for Yuzu. You have to try to understand each another better." [6]
  • (To Nina) Becoming captivated by Mei and meeting Yuzu. I think, it was by destiny to unite them and isn't that wonderful?" [7]


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