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Suzuran is Mei's senpai she only observed Mei from afar, she was immense infatuation for Mei because she was the only person she cannot read. She constantly spends all of her free time observing Mei. So much so, she forgot to keep up with her studies and resulted in her taking summer supplementary lessons. She finally meet face to face with Mei at the festival. She immediately notice that Mei had become a different person, she later discovered Mei's hidden relationship with Yuzu. She than asked Mei directly on why she was so captivated by her revealed by Mei it was because Suzuran is in love with her and hadn't realized it herself Mei however did not return these feel's. Suzuran fully accepted she was dump and decided to idolize her instead and support Mei's relationship with Yuzu and help their relationship grow, since than they maintain being friends having a senior junior relationship.

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