Ume Aihara (藍原(あいはら) (うめ) Aihara Ume?),[1] née Okogi (小此木(おこぎ)?),[2] is Yuzu's mother and Mei's stepmother. She is currently married with Shō Aihara.


She is a tall adult woman with neck-length black hair styled in swept bangs. She has somewhat similar facial features to her daughter Yuzu.


Despite her age and the fact she's a mother, she's childish, playful and immature, going as far as calling her husband a "tsundere",[3] and mocking Yuzu after she dyes her hair black despite being the one to tell her to.[4] She shows a more mature side sometimes, however.[5] Like Yuzu, she enjoys fashion and shopping.[citation needed]

Anime & Manga DifferencesEdit

Episode 1

  • Her name is revealed.
  • Yuzu helps her unpack and go's grocery shopping with when she got home, this does not happen manga.
  • In the manga, her discussion with Mei about Mei's life before she moved in with her and Yuzu takes place at the mall, but in the anime it takes place at home.



  • According to herself, when she was younger, she looked just like Yuzu after she put on a black wig.[4]
  • As shown in chapter 17, she drinks beer.[5]


  • "Ume" ((うめ)?) literally means "plum".
  • "Aihara" (藍原(あいはら)?) means "indigo field".
  • "Okogi" (小此木(おこぎ)?) is formed by the combination of the kanjis () ( lit. small?), (この) (lit. here?) and () (lit. tree?). Thus, it can be interpreted to mean "this small tree".


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