She is Yuzu's mother and Mei's stepmother. She is currently married with Shō Aihara. Her real name is currently unknown.


She is a tall adult woman with neck-length black hair styled in swept bangs. She has somewhat similar facial features to her daughter Yuzu.


Despite her age and the fact she's a mother, she's childish, playful and immature, going as far as calling her husband a "tsundere",[1] and mocking Yuzu after she dyes her hair black despite being the one to tell her to.[2] She shows a more mature side sometimes, however.[3] Like Yuzu, she enjoys fashion and shopping.[citation needed]


Mei ArcEdit

She is first seen in Chapter 1, after Yuzu returns home after her first day at her new school. She asks Yuzu why she took so long to return home and Yuzu, apologizing, asks if her new father is already home. She cheerfully says "he left to see how is the other side of Earth" and won't be back for some time, also noting that he's the "impulsive type" as if it was cute. Yuzu, weirded out, asks if her mother is happy at the moment. Her mother gives her a positive answer, saying that Yuzu and her husband's daughter are with her, and that having two daughters makes her happy. Seeing Yuzu's confusion, she tells Yuzu that from now on has a younger sister, at which moment Mei enters the room. She's surprised that Mei and Yuzu already know each other. After Mei introduces herself, she tells Mei she doesn't have to be so formal, as they're now family, and says she hopes Yuzu and Mei can get along. She also mentions that Yuzu's birthday comes before Mei's, so which makes the older sister.[4]

Himeko ArcEdit

Harumi ArcEdit

After learning about Yuzu's fan from Mei (much to Yuzu's chagrin), Yuzu's mother tells her she now has to be an example to her fan and says it's time for Yuzu to dye her hair back to its natural color. She then explains to Mei that Yuzu dyed her hair because people said she didn't look like her father, but Yuzu says that was when she was a kid, and now she dyes her hair because she likes it.[5]

After seeing Yuzu with black hair, she starts laughing, despite being the one to tell Yuzu to dye her hair, and says Yuzu looks just like she did when she was younger.[2]

Suzuran ArcEdit

One day, Yuzu's mother notes that Yuzu is late, so she invites Mei to read Shō's letter her. Afterwards, Mei asks her what is it that she likes about Shō.[6] Yuzu's mother tells her about how he shoulders all problems on himself, which makes her want to support him[7] She then asks about Mei, saying that she must be asking this because she wants advice on love, but Mei, embarrassed, says she's not sure.[8]



Yuzu AiharaEdit

She has a good relationship with Yuzu, despite teasing her constantly.

Mei AiharaEdit

After spending time together, Yuzu's mother and Mei become very close.

Shō AiharaEdit

She has a good relationship with Shō, going as far as calling him cute, which embarrasses him. She's aware that he shoulders all problems on himself, and does her best to support him.[7] She's always happy to talk about him.


  • (To Yuzu) "He sprinkles abundant love on the children of the world, yet he can't do it for his own child. While he loves her dearly, it's just terrible that he can't be honest about it. A 16-year-old girl needs that." [1]
  • (To Mei) "Did you know Yuzu's natural hair color is brown? It's the same hair color as her deceased father's. After her father died, when she was still small, somebody told her she didn't look much like her father, you know? And so she dyed her hair so she wouldn't have to hear that anymore that anymore." [9]
  • (To Yuzu) "Hahaha! You look just like me when I was younger." [2]
  • (To Mei) "Shou... Your daddy is a wonderful person, Mei. You've been with him longer than I have, so I think you already know this, but, in regards to you and the challenges at his job, he shoulders it all on himself. But because it seems risky, it makes me want to support him." [7]


  • According to herself, when she was younger, she looked just like Yuzu after put on a black wig.[2]
  • As shown in chapter 17, she drinks beer.[3]


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