She is Yuzu's mother and Mei's stepmother. She is currently married with Shō Aihara. Her real name is currently unknown.


She is a tall adult woman with neck-length black hair styled in swept bangs. She has somewhat similar facial features to her daughter Yuzu.


Despite her age and the fact she's a mother, she's childish, playful and immature, going as far as calling her husband a "tsundere",[1] and mocking Yuzu after she dyes her hair black despite being the one to tell her to.[2] She shows a more mature side sometimes, however.[3] Like Yuzu, she enjoys fashion and shopping.[citation needed]


  • According to herself, when she was younger, she looked just like Yuzu after she put on a black wig.[2]
  • As shown in chapter 17, she drinks beer.[3]


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