Mei ArcEdit

During Yuzu's first day at her new school, she attracts the attention of the other students for blatantly breaking several school rules without knowing. This includes her dyed hair, red tie, make up, and having a cell phone. Despite the other students shock, Yuzu manages to come off friendly until meeting Mei, the Student Council President, who demands that Yuzu turns in her cell phone. Although Yuzu tries to hold her against Mei, she is ultimately seduced into giving up her phone, causing her to feel resentment towards the cold hearted Mei.[citation needed]

Himeko ArcEdit

When Yuzu escapes from the chairman's in an attempt to run away from Mei after kissing her, Himeko was around the corner when she ran out, therefore lead her to become suspicious towards her. Later, when Yuzu tried running away, Himeko mentioned seeing Yuzu run out of the chairman's room, and therefore ended up spending time together to discuss what had happened. Though, after a few failed attempts trying to persuade Yuzu into telling Himeko what had happened, Himeko had stopped trying to convince her upon noticing her looking uncomfortable. Himeko never found out what had happened in the chairman's room, but has started a habit of trying to get in the way of Mei and Yuzu's relationship every once in a while.

Matsuri ArcEdit

Tachibana ArcEdit

Yuzu ArcEdit

Suzuran ArcEdit

Summer Trip ArcEdit


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